Monday, November 24, 2008

Hike at Shi Ding/Huang Di Dian (石碇/皇帝殿)

Another Sunday, another hike. This time to Shi Ding/Huang Di Dian (石碇/皇帝殿). This was a hike very similar to last weeks hike to Wu Liao Jian (五寮尖). This time, there were 6 of us. I like the fact that we are growing in number. Although it hadn't rained that day, some rocks and trail sections appeared slippery.

We pulled into the town of Shi Ding (石碇) at about 11:15AM. The town had a very similar feel to Wulai (烏來). A quaint village in the midst of lush green mountains, with a river running through it. It was bustling, people about everywhere. Hikers were out, spectators were out (there seemed to be a festival of sorts going on), and so were we. We quickly found some parking and started on our way.

First part: mounds of stairs. One after another. When you thought it was over, there were more, winding further into the thick. Stairs continued for about 20-30 min.

Once we got digging into dirt and root, it was identical to Wu Liao Jian. Almost no distinction.

It was a fun hike equal in difficulty to Wu Liao Jian. Going on the first hike last weekend got me interested in rock climbing. On this excursion, I tried to clamber up rock faces, but found that my hiking boots were too bulky and cumbersome to get a hold on the somewhat smooth surfaces. I may get a pair of climbing shoes.

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