Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Return of the WOD

Today I bought a pair of proper rock-climbing shoes. After going hiking for the last two weeks, I have become interested in the sport. The school that I work at, Hengyee (恆毅), also has a rock wall that I can use.

I haven't posted a WOD because I was sick for about a week. But here I am back at it with the half-WOD's. Today, I made my own exercise because I was already in my schools "weight room." I use quotation marks because the room isn't much. It has three Olympic bars, a safety squat rack, a lat pull-down machine, a butterfly machine, two crunch benches and a back extension apparatus. Not much, but I only use the Olympic bars and the back extension.

WOD (I was originally going for 5 sets and 15 thrusters, but after the first round, I wimped out.)

3 rounds

5 thrusters @ ~50kg (I'm not sure how heavy the Olympic bar is)
15 sit-ups
15 push-ups
15 back extensions

time: 15:96

Prior to the WOD, I had used the rock wall previously mentioned, for about 20 min. Being my first time on a wall since my first time 8 years ago, my forearms quickly got pumped and could no longer grab.

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