Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Hike at Wu Liao Jian (五寮尖)

This Sunday a couple of friends and I went hiking. About an hour south of Banqiao, we stopped at a trail head. My friend said that this trail was difficult, with steep accents and ropes. Sounded fun. The weather was perfect for hiking: overcast and cool.

We started a bit after noon and quickly realized that it was steep and going to be for the entire trail. Not rock climbing (yet), by any means, but definitely mountain climbing. I had not done Crossfit exercises for the past three days, so a good workout was in order. We stepped high up steep grades gaining footholds on roots and rocks.

As we moved on, dirt paths turned into rocks, which made for great bouldering. We walked along razor edge cliffs and made death-defying tip-toe stunts. One slip probably would mean death. The deafening intensity juxtaposed the humbling and quiet scenery.

Out of the city, you realize how peaceful it is and how easy it is to feel nature. Where in the city it might take 20 min to return your sense of peace, now a couple of deep breaths was enough. This was an experience like I've never had before.

Out of breath at the top, with breathtaking views. Legs taut and burning, continuing through narrow tracks, up and down rocks, rope-assisted accents and descents, seemed to no end.

It was a test of balance and endurance, mixed with comeraderie and fun. We went up and down in about 5hrs.

This was a great way to hone and demonstrate skills gained in Crossfit exercise.

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