Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wulai (烏來)

Wulai (烏來)is a great day or weekend trip in Taipei city. Just outside of Xindian, it is a scenic ride through the valleys and hills on the edge of Taipei county. I have been there numerous times, mostly during winter to enjoy the wonderful hot springs they offer.
As you get nearer the the town, the roadside is dotted with hotels offering deals on meals and hot springs. Keep going until you get to the night market-like street. Here you will find many small hotels and vendors. The food here is very good. I especially like the grilled mountain pork skewers. The meat is fresh and delicious.
After you get a bite to eat, you can relax in the hot springs. This is a popular destination for many tourists and locals alike in the cool winter months. These special hot springs are said to have medicinal-like health benefits. If nothing else, you can steep yourself in nice hot relaxing water. You can enjoy the hot soak for as little as 100-200NT for a room with just a tub, or you could spend a little more for complete room. If you are daring, there is an area where the springs are free. It is outdoors along the river and you can find many locals sitting in the baths and drinking tea in the cold fresh air.

This is a trip I highly recommend for anybody visiting Taipei. The views are beautiful. There are many other hot springs scattered throughout the island. All you have to do is ask where they are and somebody will be able to tell you. Have fun!

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