Friday, January 23, 2009

Trip Around Taiwan Day 1

Today was supposed to be day 1 of my bicycle trip around Taiwan. However, yesterday, my partner Damon messaged me saying that he might be backing out. The day before our scheduled departure. This was a let down. But then I thought of the advantages of going alone. I could take my time, take different routes and see things he might not want to.
I called him this morning and sounded like he stayed up late. He said that he was back in, but we would be starting a day later. This made me relieved because going alone also has many disadvantages. Going as a team will be much safer and enjoyable to have someone to converse with.
All in all, I don't mind going a day late. It gives me a little more time to prepare and ready myself to the long trip ahead.

Here is the map and route I plan to take.


D1: Taipei(Banqiao) to Miaoli
D2: Miaoli to ChangHua
D3: ChangHua to TaiNan
D4: TaiNan to GaoXiung
D5: GaoXiung to KenDing
D6: KenDing to TaiDong
D7: TaiDong to HuaLien
D8: HuaLien to YiLan
D9: YiLan to Taipei

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