Sunday, January 25, 2009

Foiled Again!

Early this morning, while sleeplessly laying in bed, I read a message from Damon saying that he was again, backing out of our trip. Can't this guy make up his mind? Wants to go, doesn't want to go, wants to go, doesn't want to go... Jeezus. I laid in bed - this annoyment left to fester and make me angry. I called him to share with him my disgust, but (knowingly) he didn't answer his phone. I care not to write here what I wished to tell him. I am familiar with his mood and temperament, which actually should have been a clue to what he was capable of. I even told my girlfriend that I had a feeling that he didn't sound wholeheartedly into this trip, and that if he didn't want to go, he would find some way of getting out. But instead of listening to my intuition, I believed his false words and empty excuses, in the hope that he might actually surprise me. In my naivete, I was greatly let down by this so called friend. He made me change my plans several times, inconveniencing me (to say the least).
So now, I sit at my computer writing this rant while I should be riding my bike around Taiwan. I could have spent a nice long time riding (two weeks), enjoying the sights Taiwan had to offer. That was my initial plan. Then when Damon signed on, he said he only had 9 days for his Chinese New Year vacation, so I rearranged my plans for him, which was fine at the time.
Now, I've wasted more than a week on his ass... What a let down. Maybe I am more disgusted than I should be, but I can't help it. If he would have just told me he didn't want to go, that would have been fine, but the excuses! Please! I try not to speak lowly of people and I hope I later regret writing this, but this is how I feel right now.

Final (tentative) plan is:

Day 1: TaiPei to TaiChung 175km
Day 2: TaiChung to TaiNan
Day 3: TaiNan to GaoXiung
Day 4: GaoXiung
Day 5: GaoXiung to KenDing (HengChun)
Day 6: KenDing to TaiDong
Day 7: TaiDong to Hualien
Day 8: Hualien to YiLan
Day 9: YiLan to Taipei

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