Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Pile of Bull...

Have you ever seen a garbage truck go by and thought to yourself, "Man, that's a lot of trash." Everyday tons of trucks load up the stuff we don't want and take it to a place where we don't want to see it. Where does it go? It doesn't disappear.

We've been raised in the fast paced consume, more is better lifestyle. Little do we realize that inheirent in this lifestyle is the destruction of what sustains us, the earth. Have we ever stopped to wonder if we are better off with having more? More cars, more appliances, more channels, more stores, more stuff. We've been propelled into a society that says more is better without considering if it actually is better. With all the conveniences that are supposed to come from modern life, do you feel better, safer, stronger, more relaxed and at ease? Do you feel that life is more efficient and problem-free? Do you feel aided or inhibited by modern conveniences? I'm not saying that there aren't advantages to having things, but have you ever questioned its necessity and real value?

Have you ever entertained the notion that less could be better? It's about time to.

We all know paper is important and say, "Don't waste paper." But when did paper (money) become more valuable than people -- than morals and justice? When did we start to place more emphasis on making more paper than on regenerating the very mechanism that feeds and nurtures us? Money does grow on trees, but if we don't take care of the source, they will no longer provide this among many other things. It is on us to change.

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