Thursday, February 1, 2007

Big Green Boxes

I read an article in BusinessWeek citing how corporations are taking environmental issues into consideration when planning for the future. I'm glad to see big business taking interest in things other than profit. The article demonstrates how some companies are combining profit agendas with eco-friendly agendas. Although the "green" objectives may be initiated from profit-minded goals, they are nonetheless working towards cleaner, more efficient methods of doing business. They may also realize that business can no longer interact in the vaccum of profit-making, and that they must work with external factors such as the environment to stay in business. Assisting the world to be sustainable allows them a population to serve.
There is a company cited in the article, the Innovest Group, that rates companies according to their policies and governance when it comes to green issues. The article states that there may be some contradictions within the rating system, but it is a good start to seeing who considers a cleaner future important.

We can't do it all, but we can start small.

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