Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's About Time

Time. The most valuable asset we have. More valuable than money, gold, and diamonds. We trade it for all these things. Knowing this, why then, are we so casual with our Time? Why do we want to "kill" Time? We spend much of our time doing worthless things. We even spend Time finding different ways to kill Time. Why do we do this? Would you burn money? Would you strangle your mother? Would you snuff your dog? No way, right? Then why would you do this to Time? Think of some of the ways time is taken away from us:

1. Commuting
2. Waiting in lines
3. Waiting for people
4. Waiting
5. Work
6 (insert your own)

Now think of the ways we intentionally "kill" Time:

1. Watching too much t.v.
2. endless chatter on phones (or online or what have you)
3. shopping (it's not a worthy hobby)
4. sex (and all things related)
5. (insert your own)

Knowing this, wouldn't you want to enliven Time, to give it life? Why would we want to take it away? . We often only see that value in something when it is dwindling or already gone. SomeTimes it's too late. Being young, we feel we have a lot of Time to figure out what to do. Now is the Time to start. If you take it for granted, then you'll take it to heart. Unfortunately time won't stop, time is not considerate in this way.
We should use Time finding the best way to utilize this asset. Time, investing, and personal finances are all very closely related. Just as you plan what you will do with your money, so choose to spend your time wisely. You wouldn't choose to spend money on nothing, would you? Spent some Time to think about it.
*To save some Time, I stole this picture from http://mayorsam.blogspot.com/2005_02_01_mayorsam_archive.html. Thanks.

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