Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Breakin the Seal

The first entry. I feel like this will remain for perpetuity so what goes down must be good. I won't go into boring intros. You will find out soon enough what I'm all about.
It is about time that i (re)join the world of online literature. Here will be posted my thoughts, ideas (however mundane), pictures, and whatever else I see fit. I don't write for an audience, unless one shows up. These days, to be "in," you have a blog. To be a conformist, I will have a blog, although I'm not conformist, just want a way to get my words out to the world on a different platform. Stay tuned and see if you like it.
I just read a blog about a man that spent less than $30 for his food in a month (http://www.hungryforamonth.blogspot.com/). This is an amazing feat to me. We often get inspiration from others and this is one occassion. This inspires me to try something of the like. I will get back to you once I figure how I will torment myself.

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