Friday, January 12, 2007

The 2nd First Post

Okay, I guess I'm really a newbie and unadapted to this as I thought I had already made two posts but apparently put them somewhere other than my front page. This will be my first "post." The week has come to an end and my eyes are tired.
I'm also new to the game of investing. I hold some stocks in companies, but followed the advice of market guru, chair throwing Jim Cramer. So far, his advice has been on point and I've made good returns on his recommendations. In the long run though, I know I should learn how to analyze investments on my own. I am in the process of doing this, but it is difficult. On this journey there have been some beacons of light amongst the snake oil peddlers of this industry. Part of this blog will be dedicated to finding these spouters of knowledge, as well as other random interests of mine (not to discredit my other interests). I will add links to sites that I find interesting pertaining to investing such as this There is a wealth of knowledge out there for you to sift through and make the decision if it's worth anything to you.

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