Monday, March 9, 2009

Make-Up Day

Haven't posted in a while so I have a bunch of things to talk about.

First, I was concerned that the peas that I planted weren't gonna come up. It had been about 5 days and no signs of life. That was 4 days ago. Since then, they have poked their green heads above ground and spread their leaves for the sun. I am happy to see them make it out alive. Germinated 10 seeds, planted 10, and 9 came up. 90%

The tomatoes have sprouted also. Those were sewn a bit shallower so came up faster. I germinated 10 seeds. Of those 10, 6 shot out roots. Of those, 5 came up, 50%. Feeling good about the prospects of the garden.

This past weekend, we had heavy rains. I don't know exactly how much but it pretty much rained for three days. Those who come to Maui probably pray for sun and clear skies. I'm like a salmon swimming upstream against the current. I like grey skies and rainy days. Where I live is infamous for hot and dry springs and summers, so I want my plants to get as much a head start as possible.

The taro plant I put in the ground about a week ago isn't doing so hot. The leaves have turned yellowish on the edge and are starting to droop. I don't know if its a water problem. I think it will go the way of the flesh soon. It's sad; the first casualty of my garden, and hopefully the first of few. But there will probably be many that follow.

Now a linkfest:

-For a Maui based publication of local events relating to environment, check out the Haleakala Times.
-An interesting book about human waste and what can be done with it. Read Humanure. It may change the way you think about turds.
-Lately I've been addicted to Facebook. To keep me distracted, I've been studying photography at What I like about their site is that they give you assignments to allow you to practice your art. Nice shot.

Inspired by the photgraphy website to give their followers assignments, I will offer a challenge to you. I will occasionally post these "challenges" here. They may cover a range of topics and
difficulties. Obviously I will also participate. Please post your results. Let's get started.

Challenge #1: Grow something.

Easy enough, you say. I already have a potted plant.
If you already have plants, grow one that you can eat.
If you already grow something you can eat, grow something and share it with someone else.

This challenge can be undertaken almost anywhere. You can plant something from an apt window sill in Minsk, a house-boat in Seattle, or a garden in Juarez. As long as you have access to sun, soil and water, you can do this. Mainly, have fun. If this is something new to you (or even if it isn't), post your thoughts.
The point of this challenge is to get you in touch with life. Oftentimes our houses or apartments are full of stuff. Less often is this stuff alive. Having other life forms around you connects you to them, and to nature.

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