Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back Home

It feels a bit strange to be back home after almost four years in Taiwan. True, I've been back to visit, but with the mentality that it was just a visit, and would be going back to Taiwan. Now it's living here.
Spent the last week with my brother and girlfriend from Japan. They were here, along with many of his friends, for Makoa's wedding. It was a good time inspired by good friends gathering after a long time.
All day was spent with them, leaving no time to blog and update old stuff like my bike trip around Taiwan. I admit I am a procrastinator. It's been almost a month since I took off on my epic journey, and I still haven't finished writing about. Not to worry, however, the memories are still cowpie fresh in my memory. Thanks for bearing with me as I get around to tying up loose ends.

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