Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 1: Timmys House in TaiChung

Timmy with Savanna

I feel tired but in a state of euphoria at his place. I have never done physical exercise (besides breathing) for such a long time before. I am amazed that I did it and reached my destination. I settle down. Timmy says he's going to a friends place and I am invited. I decline saying that I'm pretty tired. He sets me up on his computer and I watch a great movie called Slumdog Millionaire, as I eat my dinner. Superb movie enhanced by an equally astounding soundtrack. After the 2 hour movie, I get ready for bed.

I hate mosquitoes. It's not their bite (which is rather irritating), nor their alien-esque form. What I can't stand is their insistent buzzing in my ear when I'm trying to sleep.
While at Timmy's house in Taichung, the mosquitoes had a Pearl Harbor on me. Zzzz! I flick on the light. Where are they? Five mosquitoes perched for attack on the wall above my head. I'm slapping, flailing, smacking and killing, thinking, it's gonna be a long night. After I quell the barrage, I turn off the light and get back to sleep.
Zzzz, zzzzz. Damn! Lights on. And then there were three... new ones, like ninjas packing deadly megaphones of buzz that is my kryptonite. They're after my blood, literally, and I hate them. I get my pink indoor slipper to gain swifter killing velocity, thinking I'll leave the dead on the wall as a warning. No dice. These buggars are smart and deftly flit out of the way as I approach, disappearing into the vast air of the room. After mastering round 2, I hope for no more. In vain, I turn out the lights and try to get some rest. Round 3 quickly ensues and I patiently create a mosquito graveyard around my bunker. They are cold-blooded persuers, taking no notice of their fallen brethren.
I finally devise a way to keep them at bay. I grab a shirt and wrap it around my head third-grade ninja style. I use the sleeve as a breathing hole, hoping that mosquitoes are smart enough not to try to bite my teeth. I can still hear them outside my force field and it works to keep me up for a while more, but I effectively put an end to their red bombs of itch. Now I can get to sleep... at 5AM.

Day 1 is the purple section.

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