Sunday, June 1, 2008

Praying Mantis

Last week, I had the notion to have a pet. It wasn't a "normal" kind of pet. Here in Taiwan, beetles are a popular student pet. What I wanted was something a little different. I wanted a bug that would eat other bugs. I wanted a strange looking creature that looks like an alien. I wanted a praying mantis (螳螂). This odd looking insect is called the praying mantis because it often looks like its praying. Here are some interesting facts about mantises:

-they can turn their head 180 degrees
-the female will sometimes eat the male after mating
-they will eat all kinds of bugs including cockroaches, crickets, and other mantises
-they have even been seeing eating mice, snakes, frogs,etc.
-they will "molt" or change their skin several times in their life
-they live for about a year
-females are larger than males

I borrowed a terrarium tank from my friend and outfitted it with plants and soil. I then put in some cockroaches to crawl around. Hopefully the mantis will catch them before they find a way to escape the tank.

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