Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sunday Post - Want $25 Million? Save the World

Global Warming - Read this paper and see what you think. Read this before you read:

GreenHome - About a green home built in Raleigh, NC. An interesting site of a prototype green home decked out with the latest in green technology. Many need to know facts and ideas here.

Tax Season - For you United Staters, our favorite time of the year. Prepare and file online. "You need to do it too," my dad reminded me.

Iwillteach... - I got scammed by my bank (Chase) with overdraft fees, then late fees, then more late fees. And I paid it. I should have known about this site before.

Stingy Students - Looks like a nice shirt and sounds like a good deal, except the salmon color and the tie. But I'm sure you can choose other colors and pass on the ties.

New York Times - Obama Runs! I want to see him do well. Whether that means he becomes the frontrunner, gets many votes, wins or isn't shot, time will tell.

$25 Million to Save the World - Billionaire entreprenuer Sir Richard Branson and former vice-president/environmentalist Al Gore team up with offer of $25 million dollars for the The Virgin Earth Challenge. You could be rich biatch!

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