Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome Back

It's been way too long since my last post. Over two years in fact. From the looks of the last post, I was still living the homestead dream in my parents house. Since then, much and little has changed. After gallivanting around Japan for two months, I moved back to Taiwan in December 2009. And I have been here ever since. I stayed in the capital, my previous residence, for a year before moving to Tainan, a southern city in Taiwan, and previous capital. The move was initiated by my then girlfriend and now wife. Since I've returned to the country ancient Portuguese called "Ilha Formosa," I've fallen for photography. If you look at my previous posts, they were mainly focused on gardening, permaculture, and self-sustainability. These things are still very important, but not the center of my attention at the moment. The posts will continue to be about issues that are dear to my sensibilities. In fact, just like my life, what you read here will swing all around the map. But I have also started a new website devoted to my journey into photography. You can find it here.

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