Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great Randomness

This is something I wrote a while ago, during my time in Taiwan.
Spit a little beat while you read it.

Yo, it's time to take hip hop where it belongs.
It's time to take it back to the streets, and give it to the people,
not the politics, high rises, crystal, platinum chains, rims and cars,
That's not what hip hop is about.
Hip Hop is about the beautiful struggle,
not the result of commercialization of culture.
Hip Hop is about finding strength when there is none,
It's about finding love in the midst of hate, Hip Hop
is about self seeking truth, shared with others to create
what Queen Latifah so poetically called U-N-I-T-Y.
For the illiterate and undereducated, Hip Hop is a medium to connect the loose ends
Hip Hop is about the lessons of the street.
A class room anywhere a voice and a beat can meet.
Hip Hop is about seeing the light when darkness threatens,
about the definition and Redefinition of the self,
about fighting the powers that restrain you, mentally
and sometimes by any means necessary,
about the mis- and re-education of a nation called humanity.
Hip Hop is about keeping your head up when you only have one more chance.
We are on the next movement, the seed of change, the train is here and we need a ticket.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yard Notes

To hopefully keep me here more often, I will post my yard/garden notes here. Since I have been working in the yard for a while, I will start in the middle and you can figure out what has already been done. Also, since I am new to detailing notes and ideas in this way, it may not be great. But for what it's worth, it will be here.

Sept. 1st, 2009

Brought back a bunch of sickly plants from work. Chard, beets, black beauty eggplant, honeydew melon, chives, basil, spearmint tarragon. They had a range of problems from aphids to powdery mildew. I will try to nurse them back to good health.

I put Seeds of Change (SOC) bouquet dill and bronze fennel seeds into soil tonight. Four fennel and 7 dill broke. I think I put the seeds into water three days ago.

9:00PM: Placed 10 Red Russian Kale, a mix (Mammoth Sunflower, Coriander (not SOC), Sweet Basil (not SOC), and Edible Shinjuku Chrysanthemum), and 10 Brussel Sprout seeds into room temp. water. I put them in the bathroom for germination. I expect germination in 3-4 days.

About three weeks ago, our lime tree started new growth and blossoms, something it hadn't done in a while. I feel it was due to the increase in watering. About a week after setting, however, the little fruit buds fell off. I think this is because of fertilizer deficiencies or strong winds. I added compost when we were building the wall (8.25.09). If they don't start setting fruit, I will add the Peace of Mind Fruit and Flower (5-8-4) fert. that I have. \

About a week ago, I got a Poha berry (cape gooseberry) cutting and put it in soil. It looked wilted and on the verge of dying for a couple of days. But steady misting and watering was enough. The roots that were already growing have begun taking in nutrients. The poha seems like an easily propagated plant, as new roots extend from the lower nodes of the plant. I hope to have a nice groud cover with great tasting berries soon.

This past weekend, I took a drive up Pi'iholo road in Makwao, and chanced upon a nursery Aloha Honua LLC farm. Set on his quiet property, the proprietor approched as I pulled in. I could see the podocarpus' pines, bottlebrushes lined up in neat rows. He said that he had 50 different kinds of dwarf citrus trees. He also had something I had been looking for for a long time, a dwarf avocado (cultivar name "Little Cado"). This was a rare find. People come to our nursery and ask for this tree all the time. There is a long waiting list. It cost me $40 plus tax and I felt it was a good deal.

Lastly, I discussed with my parents the idea of creating a tea (camellia sinensis) hedge in the front yard that would replace the repugnant thorny carissa hedge that now exists. It would provide privacy while also providing the novelty of homemade green tea. As we all know, tea makes great looking rows in plantation style farms. I contacted the Hawaii Tea Society and they promptly responded and connected me to a tea farmer here on Maui. I am excited at the prospect of contact with a local tea farmer. I've had ideas of having a tea plantation, and had talked with some friends about it.

I will keep you posted.