Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maui Master Gardeners 2009

Today was the culmination of the Master Gardener class. I had planned to write an entry for each class, but that lasted for about three classes. It has come to an end, the last day finishing off with a final exam.
Overall, I would rate the class a "very good." I was able to spend the past 13 Wednesdays with a group of (somewhat) like-minded people, listening to great speakers, and sharing thoughts of Maui's future. I learned much that would have otherwise been spent alone in front of a computer. I encourage all to take the class, or a similar one. All states, or most states offer the Master Gardener program, put on by the state university. You can learn about gardening for a minimal fee.
I think the best part of the entire process was meeting all the other students. From them, I have established a network of friends and professionals.
As with all good things that come to an end, it was kinda sad to leave the classroom for the last time. But I know this is just the beginning. We are now obligated to give back 45hrs. of volunteer time to the program in the first year. Only then are we qualified to be called Master Gardeners. We will be reaching into the community, working with seniors, students and community members, to spread the joys and benefits of gardening. This is where we will really flex our gardening muscle, disseminating all that we learned in class and sharing it with all who are willing (and probably a few of the unwilling).

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