Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting on the Right (and left) foot

Okay, I took the bus about a week ago. It went pretty smoothly, as I expected. It was fuller than I thought it would be, which is promising. To show that there is demand for the service can only induce greater attention and funding towards it. Since the first occasion, I have ridden it one other time, which was also nice.

I have been busy (or feeling busy) lately and haven't had the energy or creativity to post as often. There has been alot going on in my head and don't know how to get it out. Over the next few days, I will try to get them down here.

I have begun riding my bike to work. From Pukalani to Kula Hardware, it takes me about an hour to make the roughly six mile uphill journey to work in the morning. I arrive refreshed and ready to work. However, I do notice that I tire sooner in the day, especially with the amount of moving and carrying I do. The best part of the day is the ride back down. The hour journey uphill in the morning now takes me 15minutes to get home. This is one uphill that is worth the downhill.

I will make it a daily ritual to ride to work. I was able to do it when I was in Taiwan and I will do it here too.

Challege #4: Use an alternate method of transport to get somewhere you usually go.

This could mean walking to the corner store, rather than driving. It could mean taking the train, bus, or bike to get to work. It will take you longer to get to point B, but don't think of it as wasted time, but time you can use to talk to a friend, read a book, get some exercise, catch some z's, or take it easy. Not to mention using less gas/oil/fuel. Sometimes we are so caught up with the speed of modern life, we forget we are alive.

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