Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

This mothers day, I built my mom a small herb garden. We picked out a spot in the back of our house. It wasn't large, but enough for one person to easily manage. The total area was about 14sq ft.The area had decent soil but we decided to make a raised bed to give our herbs a good start, and to make it that much harder for slugs and snails to get to. The location isn't ideal, as it is blocked by a wall from the morning sun. But it still gets noon and afternoon sun and suits our needs well enough.

We used concrete blocks for a simple and sturdy boarder, and filled in with a mixture of compost, leaf litter, soil conditioner, and soil.

The initial planting included creeping thyme, Italian flat-leafed parsley, alyssum, purslane, nasturtiums, and cilantro. Some additions that will come later are: chives, garlic,

These are pictures taken about three weeks later. It has already provided fresh organic herbs for our meals. I encourage you to start a little (or large) herb garden. Herbs are often very easy to grow and maintain, and can make meals even more tasteful. Plus, fresh and dried herbs are often very expensive in the market, so you can save some money and guarantee freshness by growing your own. Ain't nothing better.

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